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Passenger Vessel InsuranceIf you own a passenger vessel, picking the right crew members, captain and making sure your boat operates at peak efficiency is a must. The same can be said for choosing the right passenger vessel insurance. The maritime insurance professionals at Douglas Maritime Insurance Brokers can design a policy that best suits your business needs and saves you money.

Passenger vessel owners are at risk for liability exposure on a variety of fronts:

Injury or Death of Crewmember or Passengers;
Injury or Death of Crewmember, Passengers or workers ashore;
Damage to owners vessel or other vessels;
Damage to Docks or Piers;
Medical Expenses of injured;

You start to get the picture of all of the potential problems that can occur. Our agents will develop a comprehensive policy that will cover Protection & Indemnity Insurance, Hull & Machinery Insurance and any other potential concerns. We will make sure to find the best policy that protects your business and works with your budget.

We also offer additional policy options for passenger vessel owners that cover liability for serving liquor, business interruptions, and coverage for property and casualty ashore.

With more than 25 years of experience, Douglas Maritime Insurance specializes in designing passenger vessel insurance policies for boat owners that make sense for their business. Call us today at 805-563-6388. Whether you own one passenger vessel or an entire fleet, we can make sure that you receive the coverage you need and grow with your business.

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Today's insurance market is more complicated than ever. Douglas Maritime Insurance Brokers, allows you to run your business and enjoy your recreational activities while we manage your insurance requirements.

Currently, Douglas Maritime insures clients nationwide, including Alaska and Hawaii.

We invite you to request a quote through our website, but we'd rather talk to you in person. Please contact Pam Patolo or Lauren Lambert in our Main Office at (805) 563-6388.