Marine Pollution Insurance

Marine Pollution InsuranceIt is a not uncommon story to hear about a ship or vessel running aground or being involved in a collision and spilling thousands and even millions of gallons of fuel, oil or chemicals into the waters. The damage from these incidents can cause significant ecological problems to the waters, soil and wildlife that are inhabitants.

In the event of an accident in which a spill is created, there are a number of potential liabilities that the ship owner can be exposed to. One of the ways that ship owners can protect themselves is to having a solid marine pollution insurance policy. If you are looking at purchasing marine insurance or to update or change an existing policy, contact the marine pollution insurance professionals at Douglas Maritime Insurance Brokerage

It is important to understand some of the potential liabilities ship owners can be exposed to in the event of a pollution related accident:

Clean Up
Damages to Third Party Property
Damages to Natural Resources
Revenue and Profit Loss by Third Parties
Legal Defense
Civil Penalties
Criminal Fines

We can create a policy for your business that provides the necessary coverage you need to make sure you are protected in the event of liability. We offer coverage for all types of vessels including commercial vessels, tug and barge insurance, commercial fishing vessels, yachts. We can also provide liability coverage to owners as well as operators.

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