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Commercial Vessel Indemnity InsuranceProtection & Indemnity Insurance is a must for owners of ships or other passenger vessels. Owners of ships or passenger vessels are open to numerous types of liability and not having proper insurance coverage can have disastrous effects in the event of an accident, injury or damaged goods.

Passenger Vessels: If you own a passenger vessel, you have a great deal of liability on multiple fronts. You can be held liable for any injuries of deaths of crew members or passengers in the event of an accident. You are also exposed to liability issues for any damage to other vessels, piers or docks in the event of a collision.

Cargo Ships: Cargo ship owners are exposed to the same types of liability issues as passenger ship owners but also have the added liability of damage to cargo and well as injury or death of dock workers and cargo handlers.

Ship owners face enormous amount of liability each day they operate. Protection and indemnity insurance is a must for any owner of sea-going vessels that operate for business purposes, in the event of an injury or death or damage to other vessels, fixed installations and cargo. Without this type of insurance, an accident, injury or death could have devastating financial effects.

The maritime insurance specialist of Douglas Maritime Insurance Brokers specialize in Product & Indemnity Insurance for ship and passenger vessel owners. Our agents can discuss the available options and develop a P&I policy that makes the most sense for your business. Contact us at 805-563-6388 to find out more information or to receive a quote for Product and Indemnity insurance. We can help give you the peace of mind to know that your business is protected in the event of an accident or injury.

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